Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crazy Lady in the White Robe!

There I was, in such a nice sound sleep and Bang.. The DOG BARKS! The Big dog that is. We have three dogs, Micah, the 110lb. Akita, Cubby the 11 pound Peek-A-Poo and Bitty, the 9 pound Chihuahua/Rat Terrier. Being awakened by one of the little ones barking is one thing, but being startled out of a dead sleep by the Big Guy... your heart tends to jump out of your chest.

Next thing I know, the three of them are going crazy by the back door. I get up, grab my robe and let them out into the back yard. I don't know why it didn't register in my brain at that time, but they were way too eager to get out there, but I let them out anyway.

I stood there waiting impatiently for them to do their business so I could get back to bed. "What is taking them so long," I ask myself. "And why are they barking so much?" I open the door, and all three of them are going crazy in the back corner of the fence. GREAT, some kind of critter is back there under the bushes or on the fence, and these stupid dogs are not going to come in until they catch and kill it!

I go to run out the door and shoo them all back into the house, but remember my robe doesn't have a tie belt. I frantically look around to find something to hold things together. A dog leash. Yes, that will do. I tie things up with a dog leash, slip on my flip flops and grab the broom. So here I am, in the backyard at 2 am, running around yelling at my dogs as I swing this broom to try and get them to leave the critter alone. Not only are they making me mad, I am also scared to death that this critter (that I could swear was hanging for dear life on the top of the fence) was going to jump down and run after me. When Micah saw the broom, he ran into the house. He's afraid of brooms. Not the little ones. I literally had to dig them out from under the bushes and push them into the house with that stinkin' broom. By now, the neighbor's dogs were all barking and going crazy. This is not good. You see, even though I have a fenced in back yard, my house sits up higher on a hill than the others, so they could see the crazy lady in a white robe with a broom, VERY CLEARLY. Lucky for me, I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't see THEM.

Finally, I got the three stooges into the house, cleaned the grass off of my feet and got back into bed.

The next morning when I was telling my husband the story (that he conveniently slept through), I was pointing out to where the critter was hanging on the top of the fence, and noticed that there was part of the climbing bushes hanging in that spot. Hmm.. Not a critter at all. Well, I know there was a critter somewhere, because the dogs were insisting on finding it. The crazy lady in the white robe swinging a broom?? I have no idea what you are talking about!


  1. Goodness! See I would have automatically thought someone was trying to break in and not for my dear life opened the back door to let the dogs out. LOL! Grab the gun maybe. Ha!
    I hope you got to sleep in today and would have loved to have been your neighbor and got to spy on that little escapade. LOL!

  2. Oh my gracious! LOL...I can totally see me doing that...however, I (like Kim) woulda grabbed the gun. ;)