Friday, July 16, 2010

Where's Everybody Going??

Okay, so here I am... Mother of Four, thinking I have all these children to raise and suddenly POOF... they are adults and LEAVING the nest. Where does the time go I ask you? And what does a mother do now? I've been easing into the empty nest for about 6 years now. My oldest son Christopher is now 25 and lives 1200 miles from us. Our daughter Kelsey is 24, has already been out of the nest for several years, but she's back for a temporary stay. Lacey, our third child (19) is getting married in September. Although she assures me we will see each other all of the time, I'm sure that life will suck her up just as it did me, and she'll have her own life to live. Fine! And then there's my baby, Mack. I told him he'll always be my baby even though I have to look up at him. Mack will turn 18 at the end of this year and is already planning his escape into independantville. (because it sounds like so much fun... LOL)

Let me explain something about myself. Besides being a Christ follower and loving Jesus with all my heart and soul.... I absolutely LOVE being a Mom. My life, for the past 25 years has been wrapped up in raising four children and trying to find time to spend with my wonderful husband. Let's not mention the part about working, running businesses and making a few great friends along the way.

About ten years ago, we embarked on a brand new adventure called Homeschooling. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when we suddenly decided to pull our children out of the public school setting, but I knew it was exactly what God wanted me to do. In that time, I grew to realize what a gift Homeschooling was to our family. My only regret.... not doing it from DAY ONE!

A few years ago, as my children started getting older and a few were finished with learning at home. I began taking classes at the local community college. Better late than never, right? In fact, my oldest daughter Kelsey and I took some classes together and loved it. I am blessed to have children who are not ashamed to be seen with me in public!

So here I am today... homeschooling is coming to an end. My chillins are leaving the nest one by one. I sold my business (so I'm currently unemployed). I finished a two year degree and have just enrolled into the university to work on my bachelors degree. I literally have time on my hands for the first time in .. well.. EVER! So I've decided to start this blogspot.

Join me, won't you. My goal is to be a source of encouragement and resources for Moms of all ages and stages. Whether you are just starting out with a brand new bundle of joy. Or, are you in the thick of the house-wrecking, life sucking munchkins who you swear will never live to see 18? What about those pre-teen monsters who show up one day in the place of where your sweet child once stood? Oh and let's not forget those teenagers. Aren't they grand? Yes, yes they are, and I'm here to tell you.. both my children and my husband and I have come out alive on the other side.

So... tune in, hang on, and enjoy the ride. You only get one ticket to ride this rollercoaster Moms. Make the most of it. Let me, with God's help, encourage you along the way.

Thought for the day... "where God guides, He provides.." Remember, if you have God with you, even parenting is survivable!

Mama Hugs and Blessings to you my friends......


  1. I think starting a blog is a great outlet for you Lisa! I'm going to blog about your new blog (LOL)...see if we can get the word out a bit!
    Blessings my friend...and welcome to my world! :)

  2. Thank Kathy. I am new to blogging, (well besides facebook and online college classes LOL) so this thing may be a bit messed up a while until I get a handle on it. But I am a writer and my husband has been telling me to blog for a long time... Well, now I have the time. Thanks for blogging about my blog.. LOL Love ya!!!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging Lisa. So Mack and my Kelsey are real close in age I see..... LOL!
    I have quite a few years before I will have an empty nest. I guess there is an advance to having a big gap between children. LOL!