Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Wall are Echoing..

I'm BACK to blogging. I was so excited to begin blogging back in July, but had to step away for two months due my daughter's wedding. They were engaged in December of last year, and after nine months of planning like crazy, it was over in a blink just two weeks ago today. Everything turned out beautifully! I will post pictures and stories as soon as I actually see some pictures myself. (still asking myself why I didn't carry a camera......) Okay, to my defense, I was afraid I'd carry it all day and not take one picture. Either way, I took no pictures. I know many people did, and of course there was a photographer, so I will patiently wait until someone shows up with something (I'd take a blurry polaroid at this point)!

These past two weeks have been quite an adjustment period for me in my life. As I've previously written, I have four children. Up until two weeks ago, three of them were still in the nest. Now, we are down to two. My daughter Kelsey who lives with us is 24 and is very independent. My baby, Mack will be 18 in three months; so he doesn't need much anymore either. Yes, I'm guilty.. I'm the kind of Mom who loves to be needed. sigh My husband told me that he'll become more needy if I want him to. (um....)

I spent the first week after the wedding walking in circles, trying to figure out what to do with my extra time. Keep in mind, I am a full time college student, but I still missed all of the chaos I have grown accustomed to living with. Lacey is a nanny, and she brought her two little ones to our house everyday, so not only is she not here everyday, neither are the two and three year old who we have become quite attached to. Once all of their toys and things have been moved out, this place literally echoes!

This past week, I've done a lot better. I got out the fall decorations, put stuff away that we used for the wedding, and got myself back on a good study schedule. (including getting caught up from missing a week of classes during wedding week.)

So I hope to use my blog to share my journey as an "almost" empty nester, and an adult college student. And anything else God decides to throw my way in this next chapter of my life.

Thanks for being there as an encouragement to me, fellow bloggers... God bless all of you!

Mamahugs for everyone!!!



  1. Yup! I know I was there and everything but pictures are always nice to see. LOL!
    And don't forget, we need to tell Laura to have that BBQ. LOL!
    Love you sister!

  2. Yes we do!! LOL I showed my "you know who" your "you know who's" picture... Comment.. "cute."

    I'm workin it!!!
    love you too....